The best jeans brands for men are all about taking the original workwear staple and giving it a 21st-century update, elevating the humble classic to a dynamic style statement.

The best men’s jeans feel urban and edgy—but at the same time evoke an easygoing and carefree vibe. What’s more, they last virtually forever. The best jeans for men work hard, play hard, and live hard—just like us.


best men jeans levis

Even if you’re not a total denim nerd, you’ll have heard of legendary brand Levi’s who pretty much invented jeans as we know them today.

Levi’s iconic blue jeans really became a fashion mainstay in the 1960s—and their popularity hasn’t dwindled in the decades since. So for men seeking classic and timeless jeans, they’re the only sensible place to start.

Take your pick from the brand’s wide range of styles, washes, and colors, which includes both the classic 501s and the popular 511s with their slim silhouette and slight tapering.

Levi’s are also some of the best affordable men’s jeans, especially when you take into account the quality. Levi’s aren’t just for this season. They’re for life.

Best for: Classic jeans from a brand that really knows its denim
Sizes: XS to 5XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Taper, Straight, Bootcut, and Relaxed
Price: $


best men jeans lee

Lee jeans have a massive cohort of devoted followers thanks to their superior levels of comfort, quality, and style—and all for a price tag that is particularly pleasing.

The brand also has a solid history of manufacturing top-quality denim. They started off making dungarees and jackets and pioneered the famous Union-All jumpsuit for workers too.

Today, they’re one of the most popular affordable men’s jeans brands, and also one with a social conscience. They created the Lee National Denim Day, raising money for breast cancer research. Plus, they have their ‘Back to Nature’ collection where the clothes are made entirely from compostable yarn. 

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Lee jeans, whether you opt for classic indigo straight-legs or a modern and versatile pair of black denim jeans.

Best for: Wallet-friendly denim from a brand that gives back
Sizes: XS to XXL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Straight-leg, Tapered, Bootcut, and Relaxed
Price: $


best men jeans wrangler

At their heart, jeans are workwear—designed for getting down to business. And no one nails this no-nonsense, no-frills look quite like Wrangler.

Wrangler started off making denim ensembles for cowboys. Today it continues to make serious jeans for serious wear—but you don’t have to be on the back of a horse to rock a pair.

Wranglers are high functioning and made to last. Put them through their paces and they’ll live to tell the tale. The brand’s cuts are also inclusive with different styles available for different body shapes. Plus, they’re one of the most affordable jeans brands on our list.

You can wear your Wranglers with an old top for a bit of DIY, and then simply swap in a trendy graphic t-shirt when you head out in the evening. Wrangler jeans are for all days, all events, and all walks of life.

Best for: Hardy, high-performing, and dependable denim
Sizes: XS to 6XL
Fits: Regular, Straight-leg, Relaxed, Comfort Flex, Bootcut, Big & Tall
Price: $

Calvin Klein

best men jeans calvin klein

Not only are we obsessing over Calvin Klein’s colognes but its jeans have stolen our hearts too.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones. When Calvin Klein released his first pair of jeans in the 1970s, all 200,000 pairs sold out within a week.

Just like everything else hailing from the CK design studios, the brand’s jeans are bold, progressive, and versatile. Denim might have been around for a long time but Calvin Klein’s take on the classics feel anything but traditional. These are designer jeans that feel youthful, daring, and full of energy. 

Calvin Klein offers high-quality yet affordable jeans that would look as stylish at Friday night happy-hour as Saturday morning brunch. We like the skinny fit black denim jeans for a bit of indie rocker edge but the slim fits in the so-called ‘Houston Mid Blue’—hems neatly rolled up—have truly timeless appeal.

Best for: Designer jeans with next-level style and big name-recognition
Sizes: XS to 3XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Straight-leg, Tapered, and Relaxed
Price: $$


best men jeans diesel

Ultra-cool and convention-defying, Diesel denim is in a class of its own. It was founded in the late 70s with the express intention of being an ‘alternative’ jeans brand and became exactly that. A refreshing and eye-catching antidote to the dominant denim players.

With its goal of bringing premium denim to jeans-wearers, combining casual silhouettes with Italian-grade quality, Diesel immediately set itself apart from the crowd.

Not to mention its unique twists on classic jeans styles. Think innovative and unusual washes, varied fits and cuts, and lots of graphics and distressing—silver-tone skinnies, contrasting leather panels, paint splatters, and jeans covered with newspaper prints.

The most fearless fashion warriors among you should head straight to the brand’s most flamboyant and statement-making designs. But for something more understated, check out the everyday Sleenker skinny jeans—straightforward and stylish. Or Diesel’s best-selling Thommer—just enough skinny to be cool but not too clingy.

Best for: High-fashion denim that isn’t scared to stand out
Sizes: XS to XXL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Tapered, Straight, Loose-fit, Cropped, Bootcut
Price: $$$


best men jeans balmain

Balmain is all about masterful tailoring and fashion edge. With its progressive takes on casual-wear classics, this Parisian fashion house certainly does luxury denim differently.

One thing unites all Balmain’s jeans: a distinct biker vibe that will keep all you Easy Rider fans very happy. There’s quilting, fading, waxing, and distressing aplenty. A pair of the brand’s black skinny jeans with zipper detailing would definitely suit anyone who considers himself a rebel at heart.

The Selvedge skinny fits are also some of the best skinny jeans for men and a more understated alternative—perfect for those of you who aren’t quite up for joining a biker gang just yet.

Whether you go for a pair of slim-fitting jeans in versatile charcoal or fully embrace the brand’s inimitable bad-boy aesthetic with denim covered in rips, ribbing, and zippers, with a pair of Balmain’s on, you’ll immediately be raring to go.

Best for: Defiant denim designs to wear both on and off a motorbike
Sizes: XXS to 4XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, and Straight-leg
Price: $$$$


best men jeans off white

Denim can be luxe too, and Italian fashion label Off-White is here to argue its case. This boundary-busting brand has brought high fashion’s understanding of quality to the most irreverent and audacious streetwear looks.

We’re talking rips and distressing, paper-clip zippers, patch details, graphic bunnies (yes, bunnies), and the brand signature diagonal striped prints and arrowed motifs all over the place.

The aesthetic is firmly rooted in contemporary culture and feels very cool, very urban, and very youthful—while remaining indisputably sophisticated. And, with a diverse range of styles on offer, you can go as ostentatious or as understated as you want. 

Definitely check out the logos and over-sized pockets of the brand’s more eye-catching designs. But if you prefer to keep a low profile, you’ll appreciate the ultra-casual vibe of Off-White’s bleached-effect men’s slim-fit jeans with a relaxed belted waist.

Best for: Stylish jeans for anyone who fancies himself a trendsetter
Sizes: XS to XXL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Tapered, Straight, Drop-crotch, Wide-leg, Cropped
Price: $$$

Polo Ralph Lauren

If you’re seeking classic silhouettes, crisp tailoring, and a college-inspired kind of cool, then Polo Ralph Lauren is the luxury label for you.

The best men’s jeans are immune to passing fashion trends and Polo Ralph Lauren gets this. Its range of traditional indigo styles all have that inimitable worn-in feel and the kind of fit that makes you wonder why you ever wore anything else.

Some of the best fitting jeans for men, they look great teamed with a Ralph Lauren polo shirt and luxury sunglasses for the quintessential American look. If you want to temper the preppiness slightly, combine with a graphic t-shirt and some statement sneakers.

Grab a pair Polo Ralph Lauren jeans now and meet us in the Hamptons. 

Best for: Living the American dream with an iconic denim
Sizes: XXS to 4XL
Fits: Slim and Straight-leg
Price: $$

G-Star Raw

best men jeans g star raw

Dutch clothing brand G-Star Raw makes jeans for the hardheaded no-nonsense jean-wearer. The ‘raw’ part of the brand name? It refers to the fact that the label has championed untreated denim since the outset.

G-Star Raw embraces the natural ruggedness of denim. Its designs are dynamic, laidback, and street-savvy. Imagine them teamed with a pair of heavy-duty boots or a bomber jacket and you’ll see what we mean. Re-inventing the casual wear staple, G-Star Raw makes us wonder why we ever settled for standard run-of-the-mill jeans to begin with.

Not when we could have a pair of the brand’s 3301 slim fits—a classic 5-pocket design with casual whiskering and an effortlessly cool cut. Or the Revend mid-rise skinnies in that perfect bleached blue hue.

Best for: Tough-talking denim to add to your off-duty wardrobe
Sizes: XXS to 4XL
Fits: Skinny and Slim
Price: $$

Tommy Hilfiger

best men jeans tommy hilfiger

For that all-American brand of cool, no denim brand can compete with Tommy Hilfiger. The label is known the world over for its trademark preppy aesthetic.

For versatility and quality rooted in tradition and heritage, this is the denim brand you’ve been looking for. The tailoring is top-notch, the materials are long-lasting and dependable, and the fashion-appeal is incontestable.

A pair of classic straight-leg jeans in a light blue offers the perfect flexible addition to your daily-grind wardrobe. In a darker shade, they could be combined with a smart polo neck on an amorous adventure, or with an Oxford shirt to a family lunch.

The mood is understated chic with subtle flair. Casual and relaxed, it’s a blank canvas to which you can add almost anything. Tommy Hilfiger will get you started. The rest is up to you.

Best for: Pristine and polish from a classic American denim brand
Sizes: XS to XL
Fits: Slim-fit and Straight-leg
Price: $$


best men jeans paige

Combining easy-to-wear styles with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of cut and material, Paige offers denim you can work, eat, sleep, and repeat in. 

Hailing from California, Paige channels that laidback West Coast style of living into its jeans, which are made for kicking back on a beach or going for a casual stroll along the cliff tops.

The brand’s high-performance stretch fibre denim is super soft and has a desirable vintage feel. All Paige jeans would look fab teamed with any high-quality basics like a striped t-shirt or baggy jumper.

These are also some of the best fitting jeans for men, and each pair has been washed and wear-tested so you can be confident they’re going to last. We’re particularly drawn to Paige’s ombré-effect slim-legs, but the distressed styles are pretty cool too.

Best for: Evoking that sunny Californian kinda cool with authentic denim
Sizes: XXS to 4XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Straight-leg, and Regular
Price: $$$

Rag & Bone

best men jeans rag bone

Take your favourite pair of jeans and then amp the cool by a factor of ten. Now you have some idea of the level of style-savvy of Rag & Bone, a New York-based label and one of the best denim brands on our list.

Genuinely cool jeans don’t need to boast or brag. Rag & Bone is proof. At a glance, these simply look like really great jeans. It’s only on closer inspection that you realise that this is expert denim made from the highest quality fabrics, demonstrating impeccable craftsmanship, and the kind of fit you normally only get from a tailor. 

The collection ranges from extra slim—ideal for those of you with more boyish figures—to the classic straight-leg for a bit more space. Already broken in, and available in an array of casual neutral hues, Rag & Bone jeans look and feel great—today, tomorrow, and for a long time after that.

Best for: Comfortable jeans destined to become your new everyday wear
Sizes: XS to XL
Fits: Skinny and Slim
Price: $$

Acne Studios

best men jeans acne studios

If you’ve fallen in love with that uniquely Scandi sense of cool (haven’t we all?), then you’ll want to check out the denim offerings from Stockholm-based fashion house Acne Studios. Creativity is everything with this brand, which takes inspiration from the best of contemporary culture to deliver jeans that are 100% of this moment.

The brand started off making just denim—so they can definitely be considered experts in the field. The emphasis is on perfect tailoring, flawless construction, and organic materials. In fact, many of the fabrics have been custom-developed in order to provide a next-level experience for wearers.

The styles are understated and straightforwardly stylish. Whether you opt for a pair of charcoal skinny-fits in a comfortable stretch-denim—some of the best skinny jeans for men—or a pair of indigo cuffed tapered jeans, trust us. Your Acne jeans will quickly become your go-to piece of clothing.

Best for: Jeans you’ll never want to throw out
Sizes: XS to L
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Tapered, and Cropped
Price: $$$


best men jeans apc

For jeans that are as elegant and as upmarket as a finely tailored suit, then head to A.P.C. This luxury French brand creates exquisite jeans with clean-cut silhouettes and minimalist styles, offering the last word in nuanced deluxe denim.

Beloved by A-listers and denim aficionados alike, the cornerstone of the brand’s collection is its Japanese selvedge denim—raw and ready to be broken in.

With a pair of A.P.C. jeans, what you see is what you get. These are straightforward designs that are all the more striking for being so simple. While they might be high-fashion, they’re not high-concept. A pair of A.P.C.’s would look as appropriate on the school run as they would at some exclusive after-hours event.

Best for: Unfussy and refined jeans from denim masters
Sizes: XS to L
Fits: Skinny and Slim
Price: $$

Nudie Jeans

best men jeans nudie jeans

Nudie Jeans takes denim back to its roots. We’re talking raw unwashed denim—at its finest. The brand should be the first stop for any jean lover who values quality and authenticity above all else.

Made in Italy out of the best possible materials, Nudie jeans are the perfect everyday essentials. Just enough fashion sense to keep you on-trend while staying fuss-free.

Not that there’s any handy-man vibe about these super cool jeans. With their perfect second-skin-like fit, as well as the evident attention to detail, they’ll mark you out as a definite jean connoisseur.

Nudie uses 100% organic cotton with no additional treatments or washes, making these some of the best jeans for men and for the planet. The brand also promises free repairs—so you can pretty much wear these denim jeans until the end of your days.

Trendy jeans that have an environmental conscience? Nudie gets our vote.

Best for: Fitting jeans for men, complete with integrity and heritage
Sizes: XS to XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, and Tapered
Price: $$


best men jeans frame

Frame is based in LA but the founders are both Swedish, uniting America’s unrivalled history of denim-manufacturing with that minimalist Northern European style that we all recognise and love.

With Frame, you only have to choose between two fits. L’homme skinny and L’homme slimThe former are some of the best jeans for slim guys. The latter are roomier and more classic.

Frame understands that comfort is just as important as style, which is why they make stretch jeans for men. These jeans hug your figure just enough to be flattering without making you feel constricted. You’ll quickly forget you’re even wearing them.

Opt a pair of Frame’s dark-grey men’s slim-fit jeans with subtle distressing for an everyday all-day look. Or a pair of skinny fits in Sierra blue to go with your favourite Converse. Just add a sling bag.

Best for: Effortlessly cool denim and skinny jeans for men
Sizes: XS to XL
Fits: Skinny and Slim
Price: $$

True Religion

Launched in 2002, True Religion set out to break rules and bust up conventions. They had a design for a new kind of 5-pocket jean that was so different to previous styles that ordinary sewing machines weren’t up to the task. They had to build their own.

And so the Super T stitch was born—the brand’s trademark feature, now instantly recognisable. Look out for the horseshoe logo too—supposedly inspired by the Buddha’s smile. Channel some of that zen energy as you dash around town in these designer jeans.

Imagine the brand’s Rocco distressed men’s slim fit jeans as part of your casual weekend get-up, teamed with a flannel shirt and cap. Or the Ricky Super T jeans would look as good biking around town as they would ordering a beer at that new joint in the city.

Bold, brave—and with just a dash of swag. Sound like your kind of game? Then True Religion is the men’s jeans brand for you.

Best for: Fearless denim jeans from a brand that doesn’t do limits
Sizes: XXS to 4XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, and Straight-leg
Price: $$$


best men jeans dsquared2 style

Level up your wardrobe with Dsquared2 denim: jeans made for adventures and escapades. 

The luxury denim brand combines Italian craftsmanship with Canadian cool to create designs that are low-key yet sophisticated.

The brand plays on denim’s workwear origins but the distressing is tasteful enough that you’ll look more like you’re on your way to a craft beer brewery than to do some manual labour. In fact, Dsquared2 jeans will quickly become your everyday heroes: honest, high quality, and with a solidly masculine aesthetic.

For the ultimate black denim jeans, check out the Cool Guy men’s slim-fit jeans. Team with a leather jacket and heavy-duty boots for gritty biker style. Or, for a great pair of stretch jeans for men, check out Dsquared2’s skater-fits with diamond wash. Pair with loafers for casual weekend lounging.

Best for: Street-ready, top-quality designer jeans with daredevil spirit
Sizes: XXS to 5XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, Tapered, Straight, Loose-fit, Cropped, and Bootcut
Price: $$$

The Row

A collaboration between celebrity sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row is the luxury jeans brand you should be paying attention to—especially if you’re all about the fit.

The Row is named after Savile Row in London—a world-renowned hub for high-quality tailoring. So you can expect flawless attention to detail as well as a natural and effortless elegance—partly why these are some of the best jeans for older men.

The Row’s jeans offer that rare thing: high-end couture that can be worn every day. These are jeans for high fliers who are just as likely to team their jeans with a cashmere sweater and wear them to a swanky restaurant as to sling them on before jumping on the back of a motorbike.

Ultra sleek silhouettes, minimalist detailing, subtle burnished buttoning, and organic denim—all characteristic of The Row styling. The brand also manages to ensure these are timeless jeans, totally immune to seasonal trends. 

Best for: Sophisticated designer jeans that are more classy than a cowboy
Sizes: XS to L
Fits: Slim and Straight-leg
Price: $$$$


best men jeans jeanerica

Jeanerica aspires to reinvent and reimagine classic denim silhouettes to create high-performing pieces that you can wear every day and never get bored.

The brand’s name is an amalgamation of jeans and America and the designs feel suitably old-school vintage without being straight off the ranch.

For those of you who have a more casual workplace, Jeanerica jeans offer a base for your perfect nine-to-five ensemble. And in the evening, why not team with a linen tee and denim jacket? Denim-on-denim is not just acceptable these days—it’s actively trending.

Jeanerica’s styles are all incredibly flattering and feel fresh and up-to-date. Their men’s slim-fit jeans are available in a variety of hues—including white—and are made of organic cotton.

Best for: Classic denim jeans that still feel cool and contemporary
Sizes: XS to L
Fits: Slim and Straight-leg
Price: $$


best men jeans amiri style

Amiri draws inspiration from grunge and punk subcultures—the brand’s luxury denim is nearly always heavily deconstructed, with everything from rips and shredding to shotgun holes.

It doesn’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than a pair of Amiri jeans. The vibe is intensely rugged—you just need to choose the level of distressing. There’s also denim painted with roses and leather panels in contrasting colours. Just make sure you have a suitably rock ‘n’ roll haircut to go with them.

And while it all might appear careless and impulsive, it’s actually incredibly artful and considered, with a meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to premium materials.

Amiri makes trendy jeans for the bold, brave, and effortlessly cool. Reckon you can rock a pair?

Best for: Jeans for thrill-seekers, risk-takers, and rockers of all ages
Sizes: XS to XL
Fits: Ultra Skinny, Skinny, and Slim
Price: $$$$

7 For All Mankind

best men jeans 7 for all mankind

There’s a reason why 7 For All Mankind has acquired a cult-like legion of fans. Once you’ve tried a pair of these ultra-cool jeans, you’ll be trying to convert all your friends to them too.

Referred to as Seven’s by those in the know, these jeans offer a level of carefully studied tailoring you won’t find with many denim brands. The aesthetic waves a firm goodbye to the Wild West side of denim, instead offering thoroughly modern takes on a familiar classic.

Seven’s straight-leg jeans create that easy-going straight-from-the-beach attitude that we associated with the best of California, while its skinny jeans are streamlined and refined, offering some of the best jeans for slim guys.

Choose from a range of low-key muted washes. Seven’s Ronnie mid-rises, in particular, are some of the b black jeans for men.

Best for: Thrift-store feel but none of the accompanying effort
Sizes: XXS to 4XL
Fits: Skinny, Slim, and Straight-leg
Price: $$

AG Jeans

best men jeans ag

If we told you Adriano Goldschmied of AG jeans is also known as the Godfather of Denim, that would probably be all you need to know about this brand.

Goldschmied is an expert at delivering perfectly cut and perfectly fitting designer jeans that nail it on both the style and comfort front. No wonder he’s become one of the biggest players in the world of denim. 

Made from premium materials with luxury flair, AG Jeans elevate denim from your favourite hard-wearing workhorse to your most exciting wardrobe fixture.

With tasteful fading for a desirable aged feel, plus careful tapering, these jeans transcend tend cycles and offer timeless elegance. Keep a pair of AG’s on permanent standby. Whether it’s a shearling jacket and a pair of desert boots or an unbuttoned shirt over a tee, they go with everything. 

Best for: Virtuoso jeans made by a true master of the craft
Sizes XXS to 4XL
Fits: Slim and Straight-leg
Price: $$$